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Consider the “why” of your business. For those of you who have the opportunity I would like you to listen to Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action and his theory regarding The Golden Circle. To paraphrase Mr. Sinek, “We all know what we do and most of us know how we do it but the most successful companies are inspired companies and that’s because they know “why” they do what they do.”
Ask yourself, what was your original intention and purpose? Understand that your “why” is greatly reflected by your beliefs. The result of your beliefs will manifest itself in your outcomes.
So I want you to think about “what” you believe about yourself and the “purpose” of your business. This is where your success begins and will be the first step in articulating the mission and vision of your enterprise. The most successful businesses are very clear about the “why!”

Warm Regards,

Founder and President of the BLI

What You`ll Learn On This Session

  1. State the components of the “why” of their business.
  2. Identify current areas of strengths and weaknesses by completing the business assessment
  3. Define the terms “entrepreneur” and “social entrepreneur”.
  4. List three characteristics and traits of effective entrepreneurial leaders.
  5. Create a personalized definition of business success.
  6. State two reasons why strategic planning is important and how it supports business growth.
  7. Create two SMART goals and define their business model.
  8. Recognize two business metrics that measure business success.
  9. Explain the importance and components of a business plan.
  10. Develop a 30 second elevator pitch.