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In preparation for our second session, I invite you to consider the power you have to create your success. I encourage you to listen to
Patti Dobrowolski’s Ted Talk: Imagination Changes Everything.
How do we change our current reality into our desired new reality? Patti challenges us to “imagine our way out of disasters … write our own script … star in our own movies:’ Your work during your four months in the BLI is about an opportunity for you to rewrite your circumstances and rethink your future. In Session One you were asked to consider your “why” which is certainly a reflection of your beliefs and what you believe about yourself and the purpose of your business. Now I ask you to become clear about where you are and what you want to manifest. Use your imagination during your time with us. Let’s not be afraid of the possibilities. Build your plan around your dreams in alignment with our purpose!

Warm Regards,

Founder and President of the BLI

What You`ll Learn On This Session

  • Define the elements of marketing planning, including marketing mix and target markets.
  • Explain the difference between advertising and promotions.
  • Identify at least two strategies for enrollment marketing.
  • Define the terms Unique Selling Proposition and Value Proposition.
  • State the importance of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV).
  • Identify their competition and determine how to differentiate their business from its competitors.
  • Determine the importance of building a profitable brand that impacts a company’s bottom line.
  • Identify at least two essential promotional strategies to use for their business.